contraceptive device for dogs

What is Dogspiral?

Dogspiral was developed by Dr. Tilen Klevisar and Dr. Almir Karabegovic. After several years of research and development at our Veterinary Research Centre, it was brought to market in 2014. So far, it has been successfully used by us in  dogs of varying breeds.

The IUD made of Copper or Silver

Dogspiral is an intrauterine device (IUD) for dogs. It offers a non-invasive form of contraception with a reliability of 99.9% and can offer life-long protection against pregnancy. The first intrauterine devices in human medicine have been colloquially called “coils” (which translates to the equivalent of "spiral" in some languages). Dogspiral fulfills this meaning in the original sense of the word. It consists of a copper- or silver-plated fibrous V-shaped spring, or coil, with curved arms.

Mechanism of Action

Dogspiral is a type of mechanical contraceptive. It works based on a) the presence of a "foreign body coil" in the uterus, and b) the electrochemical properties of the copper/silver plating.

a) "Foreign body coil"

The presence of the IUD in the uterus intentionally causes a mild aseptic inflammation. As a result, the uterine lining is changed in such a way that the implantation of a fertilized egg is not possible. In addition, there is an increase of neutrophils, which phagocytose the sperm. Furthermore, in the literature, an increase of prostaglandins is described.

b) Electrochemical effect

Even more important is the electrochemical effect of the IUD. The metals copper and silver are very reactive because they discharge very lightly positively charged ions, which attract the negatively charged sperm, reduce their mobility, and kill them. In addition to the spermicidal effect of copper and silver, they also act as antivirals, bactericides, and fungicides. The described effect is localized to the uterus, fallopian tubes, and cervix. In human medicine, the electrochemical action of the IUD has been demonstrably shown to last for at least 8 years. We are taking advantage of this information with the Dogspiral as well.

Dogspiral versus Spaying

The advantages of Dogspiral compared to spaying are enormous. Evolution does not provide for a person removing the uterus and the internal reproductive organs of dogs. The body possesses about 300 hormones that are in a healthy state of equilibrium. This balance is the basis for wellbeing. With spaying, there arises a great risk of hormonal imbalance with serious side effects. The social and sexual life of the dog may be seriously impaired, metabolic disorders can occur, possibly leading to obesity and chronic fatigue, the dog may show increased anxiety behaviors and other behavioral problems, to name just some of the negative impacts of the disruption of the delicate hormonal balance. Recent studies show that there is an increased risk of joint diseases such as hip dysplasia and cancers such as haemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma or mast cell tumors in spayed dogs ( G. Torres de la Riva et al., 2013 ).

Spaying is a serious and irreversible intervention and leaves scars that can cause energy flow disturbances. It can lead to complications during anesthesia, surgery, and wound healing. Dogspiral can be inserted and removed at any time. The procedure takes only a few minutes and is performed under sedation. After removal of the IUD, the dog can become pregnant again. Last but not least is the cost of the IUD, at considerably lower expense, much lower than spaying or sterilization.

The Gold IUD

The gold-plated IUD is used to treat uterine diseases such as inflammation, polyps or cysts. The healing effect is based on the clockwise polarization of gold.

Available Sizes

S  -  for dogs under 11 lbs (5kg)

M  - for dogs between 11 - 33 lbs (5kg - 15kg)

L  -  for dogs over 33 lbs (15kg)


Dogspiral is not to be used:

-During pregnancy

-With dogs under one year old

-If a sexually transmitted disease is present

-With cachectic and chronically sick animals

-If the dog has an allergy to components of the IUD

-With the English Bulldog breed

Dogspiral is a new method of contraception for dogs. Prior experience with this type of contraception does not exist, apart from certain analogies with the intrauterine devices used in human medicine.


There should be an annual check-up at the vet to determine whether the IUD is still in the uterus.


The manufacturer is not liable for the consequences of improper insertion or removal of the IUD. The manufacturer is not liable for any other consequences not listed here. The veterinarian handling the device and the dog owner bear responsibility for the application or removal of the IUD.


Dogspiral is intended for single use only. Store at room temperature in a dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight.