contraceptive device for dogs

The Veterinary Research Centre

The Veterinary Research Centre was founded in 2004 by Dr. Tilen Klevisar in Slovenia. Our goal is to develop new diagnostic options and treatment methods in the field of veterinary medicine.

Our successes


Dogspiral, the IUD for dogs was brought to market after several years of research and development.


Effective treatment of kidney failure via gold implants with various animals. The gold implants give the injured cells the required rotation to the right and thereby allow healing.


Successful treatment of tendon and ligament injuries, back pain, sciatica and spinal ataxia in horses, as well as Cauda Equina Syndrome in dogs, with gold implants.


Development of our stem cell therapy. Breakthrough in the treatment of peroneus tertius rupture in horses via stem cell therapy with regeneration within 9 weeks.


Use of new drugs and methods for the treatment of laminitis in horses with a treatment success rate of 89%.


Support in the fight against Q fever in the Netherlands. Through the Veterinary Research Centre many businesses and thousands of goats were saved. Our products have also increased milk production by up to 15%.


Establishment of the internationally successful food brand CABALLUS CARNIOLUS. Since then, production of high quality horse feed, and many other products.