contraceptive device for dogs


Dogspiral is a contraceptive device for dogs which was developed by Dr. Tilen Klevisar and Dr. Almir Karabegovic.

Launched in 2014 Dogspiral was developed in order to have a less invasive way of contraception for dogs avoiding spaying. Another advantage of Dogspiral is that it can be inserted and extracted at any time – without anaesthetic and operation. The endocrine system stays intact and the dog is able to have  a normal social and sexual life. The IUD can stay in the uterus for up to ten years. It is available both in copper and silver as well as in three different sizes:

S   -  for dogs up to 5kg

M  – for dogs of 5kg to 15kg

L   –  for dogs more than  15kg

Its contraceptive effect is based on the copper and silver ions toxic and repressive effects on the spermatozoa. Additionally, the IUD itself as a foreign object inserted into the uterus causes an intentional aseptic endometritis, thus preventing nidation.    
Dogspiral´s expenses are– with considerably lesser effort- clearly lower than the costs of spaying.

Spaying is a serious and irreversible operation. With its approximately 300 hormones, the dog´s endocrine system is very delicate. Keeping all those hormones in balance is essential for the dog´s well-being. Removing  the internal sexual organs causes the risk of a hormonal imbalance. This imbalance may impair the social and sexual life of the dog. Recent studies show that there is an increased risk of joint diseases such as hip dysplasia and cancers such as haemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma or mast cell tumors in spayed dogs ( G. Torres de la Riva et al., 2013 ).

Dogspiral provides an effective contraceptive device avoiding the serious side effects of spaying. In addition to this contraceptive device, we developed another coil made of gold, which can be used to cure uterus diseases like  pyometritis, polyps and cysts.

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